4th of July

For those of you that like to take a timeshare vacation on the 4th of July in RCI or Interval International, you should already have your request in for 2009.  I’ve found, in the 18 years that I’ve been in the timeshare business, that the people who exchange for holidays are the most knowledgeable timeshare exchangers in the world.

There are two things that make getting a timeshare exchange during a holiday so difficult.  First is the fact that the owners are more likely to want to use their home resort on holidays so fewer weeks are given up to RCI and Interval International. 

Second, the demand for holiday weeks is much greater than normal.  Fewer weeks coupled with much greater demand leads to a much more difficult timeshare exchange.

There is already a waiting list for many timeshare for next 4th of July so get your request in now.


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