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After 25+ years in the timeshare business, I’m  happily “retired” and working 6 days a week on my Timeshare Expert business to help you have the best exchanges. And, I get to do this living in one of the most beautiful corners of the world I’ve visited, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I have a passion for travel and I was lucky to be able to work in an industry in which traveling was at its core. Every day I was fortunate to meet new and interesting people, many of whom taught me even more about traveling the world than I already knew. I like to joke that they gave me a Ph.D. in travel.

I believe that timeshare ownership is a great way to explore this beautiful planet. I know it’s not the only way, and not for everybody, but I also know it’s beneficial for many people. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of timeshare owners don’t know how to use it properly.

They were sold a bill of goods and never offered any real help understanding what they bought. Worse yet, the unhappy ones have been preyed upon by the unscrupulous timeshare resale companies that are still out there.

I have 2 goals as The Timeshare Expert.

The first is to raise consumer awareness regarding the timeshare resale industry. Today, there are still too many shameless resale companies whose ONLY purpose is to separate the timeshare owner from their hard earned money via fees. In my opinion, there are far more of these types of companies than legitimate ones.

To help the consumer in this struggle, I offer a free guide called “How to Sell a Timeshare: The Definitive Guide.” This guide has been extensively researched and is one of the best, if not THE best, resources on this subject.

My second goal is to help timeshare owners enjoy what may be the second or third largest purchase in their lives.

Since very few timeshares will sell for even half of what the consumer paid,  I believe the best alternative is learning to use it effectively. I say this because I’ve found that even a modest timeshare can be exchanged successfully when done properly.

Currently, this site has nearly 150 articles whose ONLY subject is how to best understand and use a timeshare. No matter what type of timeshare it is, fixed, floating or points, it can be successfully exchanged.

And, just for the record, I am not a reseller of timeshare, nor am I affiliated with one.

  My Story Map of Hawaii

It was on an exchange to Kauai, Hawaii with my wife for our 7th anniversary that proved to be the catalyst for me turning into “The Timeshare Expert.”

Having already worked in the timeshare industry for some years, and having done many exchanges, I already thought I was a timeshare exchange expert. Even my peers would come to me for advice. Hubris blinded me.

I  had to do a selling job to convince my wife to go to my favorite island, Kauai, over Maui which was hers. So when an exchange week came up for Kauai, I jumped on it. In other words, I settled for less just to get confirmed.

And while the resort we check into was passable, the room was horrible. So we spent the next few hours finding another place to stay. Not only had I wasted our time and money, but I also wasted our timeshare week doing a bad exchange.

The Secret Sauce


I vowed then and there to figure out how the RCI and Interval International exchange system worked. I accomplished this by reverse engineering my exchanges, those of one thousand of my clients, and speaking with both RCI and II representatives on a weekly basis.  Through a lot of hard work, I was able to discover the secret sauce.

The Timeshare Exchange Bibles

Timeshare Exchange BiblesIn 2007 I published the eBooks The Timeshare Exchange Bibles. They are designed to help any timeshare owner get the exchanges you really want. There are 2 editions, one each for  RCI and  Interval International.

The Timeshare Exchange Bibles have helped thousands of timeshare owners enjoy their timeshares to the fullest over the last decade.

Both eBooks are downloadable PDF’s and are pure content.

The Bibles reveal great secrets, tips, and strategies about exchanging, that the average timeshare owner wouldn’t know. They also give a deeper understanding of what is really a very complicated product in simple terms.

My goal is that by using the strategies found in the Bibles, timeshare owners can add up all their fees and still feel they have a great value.

See What Timeshare Exchange Bible Owners Are Saying

Timeshare Exchange Bible TestimonialTimeshare Exchange Bible TestimonialTimeshare Exchange Bible TestimonialTimeshare Exchange Bible TestimonialTimeshare Exchange Bible TestimonialTimeshare Exchange Bible TestimonialTimeshare Exchange Bible Testimonial

Learn more about the Timeshare Exchange Bibles

I hope you find my blog helpful.  I’m building an active community of timeshare users that help each other out on my Facebook page. Join us there.

So leave your comments when you read a post and we’ll all enjoy our timeshare vacations better.

All the best,

Jeff Pierce – The Timeshare Expert

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