Africa Safari Dream Vacation

There are plenty of timeshare resorts all over Africa that give you a diverse selection of exchange experiences for your Africa safari dream vacation. One thing many timeshare owners like to do when they make an exchange is to extend their trip with another type of resort stay.

Are you always looking for new and exciting adventure vacations to take?

If you ever wanted to go on a safari and do a dive trip on the same vacation, this could be your dream vacation.

If you love unusual experiences and top of the line exotic resorts, this could be your dream vacation destination.

Where is it? It’s in Tanzania, in fact it’s in the north, south, east and west parts of Tanzania. You’re not just going to one location. You’re going to 4.

And one of them has an underwater bedroom when you stay in a floating room. This is a one of a kind resort on one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa.

This may be a big splurge for you, something that really is a dream.

Or this may be the kind of travel you already do.

I guess it all depends how long you’ve been embracing the ageless lifestyle and doing adventure travel.

Are you curious? Are you excited? Or are you thinking you could never do something like this?

I have met middle-income people who have saved up, searched online for months doing research, gone in shoulder season and have invested $35,000 in what would regularly be an almost $100,000 top of the line safari.

The particular couple who did that trip really surprised me because they don’t earn a lot more than $35,000 a year and yet they made it a priority to take this trip as their trip of a lifetime.

When I asked them if it was worth it, their answer was a resounding YES! It actually exceeded their expectations.

Would you allow yourself to be comfortable taking a safari with a group of rich and famous people or would it be too uncomfortable for you?

You don’t have to be a millionaire to travel first class. You just have to do more research to get a great deal.

When I ran across this package of a safari/dive or beach vacation and looked at the itinerary and the accommodations, and of course, where you are going, I thought it was very fairly priced. You can always look for discounts on try to put together something similar, but I don’t think you’ll find another place that has the unique rooms of this beach resort.

Go take a look for yourself here.

When you go through the itinerary, read it slowly and take it all in. Picture yourself living it and imagine how you’ll feel while you’re on this trip.

I know I will be doing this trip sometime soon. Will I see you there?

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Africa Safari Dream Vacation

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