Better Timeshare Exchanges With Your Floating or Points Week

Watch This Video and Get Better Timeshare Exchanges

(Since I first made this video, RCI and II have increased their advance deposit recommendations from 6 months to 9 months.)

There are a lot of different timeshare products today, fixed week, floating week, points based week, to name a few. Whichever you own, you’ll want to learn how to get better timeshare exchanges with them.

Better Timeshare Exchanges With Your Floating or Points Week

In the last video, I gave fixed week owners the best strategy for getting the most timeshare exchange power.  I also talked about the major reason why so many timeshare owners wait to deposit their week, destroying their exchange power and what to do about it. If you missed that video, make sure you go back and watch it to better understand this one.

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In this video, I’ll be discussing how to go about depositing a week into RCI or II if you own a floating week or in a points based timeshare resort.

Step 1 to Getting Better Timeshare Exchanges

I’ve found that there are 3 things that many floating week or points based timeshare owners are confused about.

  1. The first is that they don’t realize they must call their home resort and reserve a week before they can deposit it with RCI or Interval International.
  2. If you own points instead of weeks, your resort DOES NOT deposit points with either RCI or Interval International (II). They will deposit a week.
  3. A specific timeshare exchange week of the year will be deposited.  It may be the week of February 10th, the week of July 22nd or the week of October 15th, but it will be a specific week. The week that you or your timeshare resort chooses to deposit should be, at a bare minimum, 6 months in advance of the day you call, and preferably more, in order to increase your timeshare exchange power!

In other words, if it’s April 2009 you should be asking your resort to deposit a week at least 6 months from the date you call. So, at a minimum, an Oct, November or December week should be banked and not a July week. And if it’s October of 2009 you should ask to deposit an April of 2010 or later week and not a February week.

And if it’s October of 2009 you should ask to deposit an April of 2010 or later week and not a February week. But as I mentioned,  those are the bare minimums.

  How Far in Advance Should You Deposit Your Week?

So how early should you really deposit your timeshare exchange week?  The answer to that question is as far in advance as possible but will be determined by your home resort’s policy.

Many timeshare resorts allow you to deposit a floating timeshare exchange week up to one year in advance. Some allow you to deposit your timeshare exchange week up to 2 years in advance. A very few only allow you 6 months in advance.

But remember from the last video, for every month over 9 months in advance you deposit your timeshare exchange week, your timeshare exchange power increases. For every month under 9, your timeshare exchange power decreases DRAMATICALLY.

For example, if you deposit an October 2009 week in July of 2008 you will have significantly more exchange power, and getting better timeshare exchanges, than if you deposit that same October 2009 week in January 2009.

  How To Do a Timeshare Exchange From a Points Based Club

If your timeshare is a points-based club then everything I’ve talked about in this and the last video applies. I’m not talking about RCI points based resorts.  RCI created that system to do away with timeshare exchange power because so many people were frustrated with exchanging and no one understood it.  That has to tell you something.

The points based resorts that I’m referring to are clubs like Disney, Hyatt, Lawrence Welk, Diamond Resorts and others where you can use your points within their chain of timeshare resorts.  So, depositing a  week into either RCI or Interval International from a points based club functions identically to floating week resorts.

Points Clubs give you the additional flexibility of choosing what size unit and what season of the year, peak, high or low. If you choose to have deposited a two bedroom unit in the peak season, your club will deduct a certain amount of points from your yearly allotment.  They will deduct less if you choose to deposit a studio in the high season.

Regardless, the take away is that no points are deposited with either RCI or II, they are deducted from your account. The 6-month rule still applies so be aware of which week is being deposited. After your resort deposits a week, you will then call your exchange company to start the process of getting better timeshare exchanges.

I highly recommend that you watch the previous video for important information regarding depositing early.

Make sure you watch all of the videos in this series. Doing this will help you exchange to the best RCI resorts and best Interval International resorts.

In the next video, I’ll be talking about another little-known secret that will greatly increase your chances of getting the timeshare exchange you want.

I hope you’ve used what you’ve learned in these videos. I want to thank you for subscribing to this 10 part series. I’m confident that if you apply all of the tips and suggestions in the videos you’ll get much more enjoyment from your timeshare exchange. But to truly master the unknown complexities of timeshare exchanging is way beyond the scope of this short series.

There are many more tricks and strategies you can apply to guarantee yourself the best timeshare exchange in the world. If you want to learn how to supercharge both your exchange and request power so you can enjoy the best timeshare resorts like Disney, Hyatt, Lawrence Welk, Westin, Marriott, Four Seasons and more, then you need the Timeshare Exchange Bibles.

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I guarantee you will enjoy your timeshare exchange more.

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