How Does Timeshare Work? Everything You Need to Know in 1 Spot


  1. Jeff, I just read your book, II Bible. I needed information regarding II because I deposited MVCI points in January of this year (2021) and would like to take my family to Cabo in January, 2022. I am on the waiting list for The Resort Diamonte. The woman I talked to suggested getting on many more waiting lists. I will do that, but really want a spot that has golf. Not sure what the amenity means where it says “golf nearby”. Also unclear about how to use your pointers if I am a points owner and not a timeshare owner.
    Thanks, Melanie

  2. Hi Melanie. The entire Los Cabos area is surrounded by some of the best golf courses in the world. Regardless of which resort you’re staying at, you will be only minutes from great gold. The woman you talked with is right, you should be on more waiting lists. It’s one of the secrets to getting the exchange you want and I stress this, and many other actions to take in the Bible, to help in your endeavors. You should read the Bible again and apply everything and you’ll be in heaven because you’re trading a high quality timeshare. Don’t get stuck on just staying at Diamante, the Westin and Club Cascadas are great as well. Diamante is quite often windy which can dampen your vacation enjoyment. There is no perfect place to stay, but many great ones. All of my suggestions outlined in the Bible work for points based resorts.

    All the best,

    Jeff Pierce-The Timeshare Expert

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