How to Exchange a Timeshare to Maui – A Case Study

I received an email from a client wanting to know how to exchange a timeshare to Maui for President’s Week next year and a couple of other questions. I decided to make a case study out of his questions which has turned into a bigger project than I thought.

His questions are very good and I’ll be answering them in the next couple of posts. If you really want to understand the ins and outs of the timeshare world it will be worth your time to read them.

Warning: these next few articles are pretty technical in nature. I know timeshare isn’t rocket surgery, but there are a lot more moving parts to it that 99% of the consumers know or understand. This isn’t everyday information and is hard to find, especially all in one place. So take a little time to get to know how the timeshare system really works and you’ll enjoy your ownership even more.

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How to Exchange a Timeshare to Maui

My client, who I’ve renamed John, owns in the Las Vegas Hilton.  Hilton Grand Vacations, as they are called, is a points based club timeshare. I’ll be talking more about points timeshares and points based club timeshares in the upcoming posts. Whether you own in one of them or not you’ll want to read about them to understand how all timeshare works.

He said, “I do intend to travel within the Hilton network in certain years, but really like traveling to Maui during President’s week.”

Although Hilton has many timeshare properties in the Hawaiian Islands and many other places in the world, they don’t have anything yet on Maui. So John will have to use RCI to exchange a timeshare to Maui.

He went on to say, “I recently put in a request for a 2 bedroom 2 bath in Maui for Presidents week next year (2018)”. He had leftover RCI points from last year and was wondering if they were worthless.

My Response

You’re requesting President’s week 2018, certainly, one of the most demanded weeks of the year. You rolled over your 2016 RCI points but they are only good until 2017 so you will have to extend them and pay a fee, to use them for a search for 2018. So they’re not necessarily gone.

You are requesting in advance…good. You especially need to do this for such a difficult exchange. You are, however, facing 4 very big challenges with this request: first you only want 1 specific date, second, you want a holiday week and one of the most demanded weeks of the year, third, you want Maui, one of the most demanded locations in the world, and last, you want a 2 bedroom. To exchange a timeshare to Maui is one of the harder exchanges you can do but this one is extra hard.

No Way or No Problem

No problem. And I’m not trying to be funny. Here’s what you have going for you: You own a highly demanded property, the Hilton, in a 2 bedroom and you’re starting almost a year early. There are some tweaks you should make, however.

 exchange a timeshare to maui
Front Street Lahaina

Your biggest challenge will be the lack of 2 bedroom inventory in Maui. I don’t know the total of 2 bedrooms but most all of the resorts in Maui, 13 in Lahaina and 13 in Kihei, were built a long time ago when it was more common to build studios and 1 bedrooms than 2 bedrooms. And although I’ve exchanged to Maui 14 times and loved it you shouldn’t expect to find Hilton kind of quality at any of the 26 resorts in Maui.

My suggestions as to how to exchange a timeshare to Maui or any timeshare exchange is found in chapter 4, “The Science of Exchanging” in the RCI Timeshare Exchange Bible starting on page 31.

To sum that up, since you only want 1 specific date you should increase the number of resorts you’d be willing to stay in. I’d guess that probably half the resorts in Lahaina only have 1 bedroom inventory. And the resorts that do have 2 bedroom units will probably only have a few of them.

So when you call RCI back with your list of resorts, ask them how many 2 bedroom suites are in each of the resorts AND how many of them are typically deposited during President’s week. They may or may not answer your questions. If RCI  does give you that information you will be much better prepared for strategizing your request. If they don’t then I suggest you call the resort’s front desk for that information.

I’d did a short video on this. Click Here to watch it.

For example, if RCI tells you there is normally plenty of 2 bedroom inventory during President’s week, (not likely) you could narrow down the number of resorts you’d accept an exchange to the best 3 or 5. If they tell you the opposite you would want to expand your search to 15 to 20.

John went on to ask,

“I am most concerned about how to maximize my chance of getting President’s Week in Maui next year and in future years.  Would I increase my chance of getting a 2 bedroom in Maui next year during president’s week by depositing my 2017 point into RCI and making another request or should I use those for a 2018 request?

My Response

One of the strategies in the Timeshare Exchange Bible is to always deposit next year’s week this year. You’ll get more exchange power that way. So if you are just now depositing your 2017 week then you are losing exchange power. So it follows that if you deposit your 2018 week now and start a request you will have a better chance of getting what you want.

I’d do both. Have 2 of the exact same searches going at the same time. One search from your 2016-17 weeks and one from your 2018 week. Hopefully, your 2016-17 weeks will get you the exchange you want in 2018. If so, you keep your 2018 week searching but change the date to President’s Week 2019.

If you think you’ll want to use your 2018 week within the Hilton system, then you shouldn’t deposit it with RCI. My guess, and I can’t guarantee this, but if you widen out your current search to include 15 or so resorts you’ll get confirmed for 2017. But I don’t work for RCI so that’s why it’s very important for you to pick their brains for their suggestions when you make your request.

All in all, there is a lot to think about and strategy that goes into how to exchange a timeshare to Maui, or anywhere for that matter. You’ll want to bank and request as early as possible, pick the brains of the RCI or Interval International representative and give a variety of resorts you’d accept an exchange to, especially if you have only one date you can travel.


Most importantly, you need to learn the things that you can do to maximize your exchange power regardless of where you own.

Customer experience and supply and demand of the week deposited are only two of the six criteria both RCI and Interval International use to determine whether your request will be granted.

There are many things that YOU can do to enhance OR destroy your trading power. To help you out I have created The Timeshare Exchange Checklist with 7 simple tips you can and should apply when it comes to exchanging.

It’s totally FREE to you but comes with this warning: I’m not going to make grandiose claims as to Bottle of miracle cure. Won't make grandiose claims.the effectiveness of applying these tips. You’re not going to get Christmas skiing in Aspen or the Westin in Maui simply by doing as I suggest.

You will however, get better exchanges in a shorter amount of time regardless if you own a brand name or little guy resort and have a much better understanding of the process. And knowledge is power.

Once you’ve gotten the Timeshare Exchange Checklist, and you see that I know what I am talking about, we can explore what it takes to master the exchange system and be in the top 3% of timeshare exchangers in the world.

You’ll get a 1 page PDF followed up by an email explaining each tip in detail.

Timeshare Checklist CoverBy opting in, you are agreeing to be a part of The Timeshare Expert’s email list. Do NOT opt in unless you seriously want to know how best to use AND exchange your timeshare.

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All of this and much more is available to you in the RCI and Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bibles. Less than 5% of timeshare owners know the secrets and strategies I’ve just revealed in this post. Get it all by Clicking Here Now.

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How to Exchange a Timeshare to Maui

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