How to Exchange into Top Brand Name Timeshare Clubs

Top Brand Name Timeshare Clubs

Hilton, one of the top brand name timeshare clubs, just opened a new property. The headline for an article in the Pacific Business News pronounced…
“New Hilton timeshare property in Hawaii already at 99% occupancy”

Top Brand Name Timeshare Clubs

It went on to explain that the 38-story timeshare property by Hilton Grand Vacations reached that 99% within two weeks of opening on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The 418 units are a mix of one, two and 3 bedrooms and range in price from $40,000 to $400,000 per week according to George Szigeti, president and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

With 418 timeshare units just now on the market, and with each condo being sold for 50 weeks of the year, the total number of weeks to be sold is roughly 20,000.  With the Hilton Grand Islander just opening and with such a hefty price tag, you’d think that there would be plenty of availability for those of us who’d like to exchange. So how is it that the occupancy has reached 99% so quickly?

The Challenge with Exchanging into Top Brand Name Timeshare Clubs

The major timeshare developers such as Hilton, Marriott, Starwood, Hyatt, Disney, Wyndham and Diamond are all club based. The attraction for the consumer is they do not need to go through RCI or Interval International to exchange their week to one of the other club properties. Much of the available club inventory is kept within the club for the members with a lesser amount being deposited with RCI or Interval International.

The benefits of owning in one of the top brand name timeshare clubs is that the members have priority reservations, reduced exchange fees and consistent quality. Those of you that don’t own in one of the top brand name timeshare clubs and have exchanged with RCI or Interval International know how greatly the quality can vary between resorts.

Is 99% Occupancy in Just 2 Weeks Unusual?

While 99% occupancy is very high, even in top name brand name timeshare clubs, it’s not unusual for a new club timeshare to be over 90%. The club members will have been receiving newsletter updates for many months prior to the grand opening and have already made their reservations. Throw in the fact that the Hilton Grand Islander is in Hawaii and it’s no surprise they reached capacity so quickly.

Timeshare properties in Hawaii as a whole had 90 percent occupancy in 2016, with 46 percent of customers traveling from Japan, 45 percent from the Mainland and 9 percent from other international markets.

What if You Don’t Own Top Brand NameTimeshare Clubs?

There are 4 reasons that timeshare clubs in general, and top name brand timeshare clubs in particular, are so difficult to exchange to:

1. Clubs deposit a smaller amount of their weeks with RCI and Interval International. For the most part, the only time a week is deposited with RCI or II is when a club member wants to exchange out of their club system to a resort destination the club doesn’t have.

2. Their quality is superior and timeshare exchangers know it.

3. Top brand name timeshare clubs are in all of the best vacation destinations.

4. Consumers pay top dollar and top maintenance fees for their ownership. Would you exchange a week you paid $60,000 for to another destination very often if ever?

These 4 reasons are why a studio unit in the new Hilton Grand Islander starts at $40,000 per week and exchanging your timeshare to one of them is so hard. Hard but not impossible.

The Timeshare Exchange Bibles

To even have a chance of exchanging your timeshare into one of these stellar properties, you’re going to need all of the help you can get. You can greatly increase your odds of doing that by applying the secrets, tips and strategies found in the RCI Timeshare Exchange Bible and the Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bible.

Even if your ownership is in one of the top brand name timeshare clubs, you’ll need help if you want to exchange out of your club into another name brand club.

Thousands of Bibles have been sold and those consumers are enjoying their timeshares the way they meant to…getting great exchanges year after year. Some have even gone from wanting to sell their timeshare at a substantial loss to being glad they own.

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The resort/s referred to in this post are not meant to be taken as my blanket recommendation as the best timeshare exchange to fit your needs. I encourage you to do more research and not just rely on this post and/or the ratings you find in the RCI and Interval International directories.

To further help you out, read my post “Accuracy of Timeshare Ratings in RCI and Interval International” by Clicking Here.

This is a very popular destination with few timeshare units so you will want to plan in advance and make sure you have maximized your trading power.

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