3 Keys to Getting a Better Timeshare Exchange With RCI or II

In this video, I’ll cover the 3 things you must understand to getting a better timeshare exchange with RCI or Interval International. This is a continuing series called “How Does Timeshare Work.”

In the last video, I went over the first 5 steps you must do to start a timeshare exchange. If you didn’t watch that short video Click Here Now to see it.

Why Requesting  Early Gives You a Better Timeshare Exchange

There is a right way and a wrong way to request an exchange with RCI and Interval International and I’ve found that most people do it the wrong way.

The first thing you need to understand is that the more in advance you place your request, the better your chances of getting a better timeshare exchange.

Now I know that to many of you this may seem obvious, but let’s take a closer look at WHY this is so important so we can begin digging down into this very complicated world of how to exchange a timeshare.

How a Timeshare Exchange Really Works

In its most simple form, exchanging a timeshare works like this: If I request today and you request tomorrow, and everything else between us is equal, then I have more exchange power than you.

In fact, even if I owned a timeshare with less built-in exchange power than yours, it’s possible for me to end up with more simply by requesting further in advance.

So the longer you wait to put in your request, the more exchange power you lose. And the opposite of that is true as well. The more in advance you request the more exchange power you have.

But simply requesting far in advance certainly does not guarantee you’ll be getting a better timeshare exchange OR your exchange request confirmed as many of you have already found out.

There are many different factors that determine whether or not you’ll get your timeshare exchange request, but the FIRST way to increase your chances is to request as far in advance as possible.

Think of Doing a Timeshare Exchange Like Fishing

The second thing to understand when requesting a timeshare exchange is you should think of it like fishing-the broader you cast your net, the more fish you’ll catch. There are thousands of resorts in both the RCI Resort Directory and the Interval International Resort Directory from which to choose so you don’t want to limit yourself to just a few.

And this leads us directly into the third and one of the most misunderstood things about doing a  timeshare exchange that keeps people from getting what they want.

Give Me 3 Steps

Interval International recommends you give them either 3 timeshare resort choices and one date, or 3 dates and one timeshare resort choice when you placing your exchange request. So many people interpret this to be the MAXIMUM they can request when in fact it is the bare minimum.

By giving Interval International the bare minimum you not only severely decrease the odds of getting your timeshare exchange confirmed but, if you do get confirmed, you will have probably waited a lot longer to do so.

So don’t be afraid to request 8, 10, 15 or more timeshare resorts in the beginning. Once you’ve learned how to maximize both your timeshare exchange power and your request power then you can be far more selective- but we’re not at that point yet.

The only recommendation RCI suggests when requesting a timeshare exchange is to deposit your week, enter your search criteria, and if you don’t get immediate results, initiate an ongoing search. No wonder so many timeshare owners are frustrated with the timeshare exchange process.

Just as there are many different and powerful ways to enhance your timeshare exchange power, there are also many different strategies you can use to enhance your requesting power far too many to cover in a 90-second video. But a good start is to remember about getting a better timeshare exchange is to request as many different timeshare resorts as possible as far in advance as possible.


But make sure to only request the timeshare resorts your willing to accept because neither exchange company will call you up with several resort choices. They will confirm you into the first timeshare resort that becomes available.

The 3 Keys

  1. Request as far in advance as possible
  2. Think of exchanging like fishing and cast a broader net
  3. Giving RCI or II 3 choices is the minimum requirement, not the maximum

I highly recommend you get familiar with both your RCI Directory and Interval International’s Resort Directory to help you become an expert at exchanging timeshares.

There are 2 ways to become an EXPERT at exchanging timeshares; experiment on your own, which will take YOU years to figure out when only doing 1 exchange a year, or the quick way. The smart way.

The Timeshare Exchange Bibles for RCI and Interval International are guaranteed and proven to help you master the science of exchanging. And it really is a science. There are so many things you can either do wrong, and destroy your exchange power, or do right and supercharge it. And the only way to exchange into the best RCI resorts and best Interval International resorts is to discover the secrets the pros use.

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Timeshare Exchange Bibles

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