New Timeshare Resort in Italy: The Messapia Hotel & Resort

Map of New Timeshare Resort ItalyA new timeshare resort in Italy has recently affiliated with Interval International. It’s called The Messapia Hotel & Resort and it’s an intriguing part of Italy that I haven’t yet visited.

The resort is in the town of Santa Maria di Leuca, and less than half a mile (800 meters) from the sea.

 It’s located on the eastern coast of Salento peninsula, which is called “finis terrae” or “the end of the world.” It’s right on the boot heel of the peninsula.

Map of New Timeshare Resort Italy

Here is the Press Release

Interval International announced the addition of the new shared ownership component at the Messapia Hotel & Resort. Located on the eastern coast of Puglia’s Salento Peninsula, the property sits on more than 12 acres overlooking the seaside town of Santa Maria di Leuca.

The Messapia Hotel and Resort will feature one-bedroom units with furnishings made by local craftsmen, stone-tiled floors, and patios. Amenities and services include a full-service spa, large seawater swimming pool, Messapia restaurant, Pajari brasserie/pizzeria, and children’s activities. A shuttle service takes guests to and from a private beach, which offers boating excursions, scuba diving, and more.

“This villa-style resort is the ideal home base for members interested in exploring one of Italy’s most in-demand coastal vacation areas,” said Darren Ettridge, Interval’s senior vice president resort sales and business development for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. “A variety of outdoor leisure activities are available for those seeking sun, sand, and surf in a sophisticated Mediterranean setting.” New Timeshare Resort Italy

Visitors to the Salento area can enjoy regional wines and gastronomic specialties prepared from locally sourced ingredients. The area offers a range of attractions, from rocky coasts studded with unspoiled beaches, spectacular grottos and caves that fringe the shoreline, to cultural treasures including magnificent 19th-century villas and basilicas. A popular music festival, Notte della Taranta (Night of the Tarantula), is a highlight in August.

It’s not common that a new timeshare resort in Italy opens, so this is good news. Many of the resorts in Italy are older and not up to the standards one sees in timeshare resorts in Mexico and the US.  RCI has many more resorts in Italy, but not all meet the quality you might expect. Interval International has better quality but far few locations. 

Doing a timeshare exchange to Italy was one of my best trips. I exchanged 5 weeks, back-to-back one year and explored mainly the north of Italy, southern Germany, Austria, and Sardinia. Make sure you plan ahead if you’re going in the summer months.

My 5-week trip started on Aug 30 so I missed the crowds. The traffic in the little towns on the Italian Riviera was challenging in the shoulder season. It has to be a nightmare in the summer. 

II’s Travel Demand Index shows that the greatest demand for the resort area is weeks 22-38, June through August.

The resort/s referred to in this post are not meant to be taken as my blanket recommendation as the best timeshare exchange to fit your needs.

I encourage you to do more research and not just rely on this post and/or the ratings you find in the RCI Directory and Interval International Directory.

To further help you out, read my post “Accuracy of Timeshare Ratings in RCI and Interval International”.

This is a very popular destination with few timeshare units so you will want to plan in advance and make sure you have maximized your trading power.

If you are struggling with RCI or II, or even if you’re doing fine and just want to do better, you should take advantage of the FREE Timeshare Tips I’ve put together for you on this blog.

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