How Timeshare Works: Ninja Timeshare Exchange Secrets

Ninja Timeshare Exchange Secrets Video

This is part of a continuing series you’ll find under the category of “How Does Timeshare Work.” If you want to employ the Ninja timeshare exchange secrets you will find below, like a true warrior, you’ll need to do what the typical noncombatant timeshare exchanger doesn’t do. Do this and you will exchange into the best RCI resorts and the best Interval International (II) resorts.

Ninja Timeshare Exchange  Secrets

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The first of the Ninja Timeshare Exchange Secrets is to be proactive.

Before placing your exchange request with RCI or Interval International (II), call the resorts that you’d like to exchange to, and find out how many timeshare exchange units there are in the complex.  Nobody does this so it’s a really cool strategy.

  This is Why You Call

Surprisingly, not all resorts listed in RCI and Interval International are 100% timeshare. Some timeshare resorts are mixed use, meaning they consist of a mix of timeshare units, full ownership, and rental units. And it’s not uncommon that the timeshare exchange units comprise the smallest percentage of the resort. Many of the older resorts listed in Hawaii are that way, and it’s one of the reasons getting a timeshare exchange there is so difficult.

So, if you see a picture of a large timeshare resort in the RCI resort directory or Interval International resort directory, don’t automatically assume the entire resort is a timeshare.

You may be surprised to find that the resort contains only 8 timeshare exchange units. If so, then you should add more resorts to your request. While building mixed use resorts is seldom done in today’s timeshare world, there remain a lot of older timeshares listed in the RCI directory and the Intervalworld directory that are that way.

More Ninja Timeshare Exchange Secrets

While you’ll need to apply Ninja Secret #1 less often in today’s timeshare world, especially for newer resorts, Ninja Timeshare Exchange Secret #2 should be applied to nearly EVERY exchange.

You want to find out how many timeshare exchange units in the resort are available in the SIZE UNIT you will be requesting. You can get this information by calling the front desk of the timeshare resort.

Sometimes RCI and II will give you this information, but not always. For example, if you need a 2 bedroom unit and you find, that out of the 75 total timeshare exchange units that are available only 3 of them are 2 bedrooms, again you must expand your search to include more resorts. Ultimately, you may have to include resorts that you don’t really want.

Whether you have to do that will depend on if you’ve maximized both your timeshare exchange and requesting power. Up to this point, I’ve given you some good ways of doing that, but this has just been the tip of the iceberg.

For the complete information on exchanging your timeshare, make sure to read my article “How to Exchange a Timeshare: The Definitive Guide.”

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