Points Based Timeshares

I’m often asked whether points based timeshare are preferable to weeks based timeshare.The trend in the industry has been points for years now. In fact, more points are sold than weeks today. Most of the giants in the industry like Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Westin, Disney and Wyndham are points based.

But does that make it right for you? Points can add more flexibility to your ownership with the ability to stay 1 or 2 nights at a time instead of always having to do an 8 days/7 nights stay. Points based timeshares also allow one to get any size suite to fit their needs. A 2 bedroom one year, studio the next, etc. Points based owners typically have any day check in and no black out days or seasons as well.

Many points based timeshares are set up as a “club” and have more than 1 resort for their owners to use their points at. This eliminates having to deal with RCI, Interval International (II) or some of the other smaller exchange companies. Many “Clubs” charge fees for each transaction but not as much as RCI and II.

All of this added flexibility, though, comes at a price. And that price comes in the amount of time and effort you can spend keeping track of points and how best to use them.

It’s nice to be able to get that 2 bedroom for 3 days at the beach  in the prime season one time, and a studio at the lake in shoulder season the next, but you are most likely going to end up with some points that you can’t use at the end of the year. And if you don’t roll them over you’ve lost them.

Rolled over points usually have restrictions on their use further complicating the matter. Ultimately, the loss of points year after year can really add up, especially because you’ve  paid the HOA’s on them.

As with any timeshare membership, weeks based or points based, I highly recommend you get friendly with your “Owner Services” department to learn all of the rules and regulations…especially with points. Go directly to the source because your timeshare salesperson probably gave you a very simplistic explanation of how to use your points.

And if you’re the kind of hands on person that likes managing your timeshare, and you’re good at it, then points can really be advantageous. If you like simplicity, then opt for a fixed or floating week timeshare. Just remember to book in advance if you own floating.

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