RCI Timeshare Exchange Directory: Why You Should Study It


I have found that many timeshare owners I consult with will only look at their RCI directory once a year, usually just before they are ready to place an exchange request. I recommend you really get familiar with it long before that.

How Getting to Know Your RCI Directory Helps You Get Better Timeshare Exchanges

Rather than picking it up the day you want to request your RCI timeshare exchange, you should go through it beforehand and not only star the resorts you like, but also cross out the ones you do not want. There is a lot of information packed into the listings that will help in Planning Your Next Timeshare Exchange

For instance, if you want to exchange to an RCI resort on the beach, some of the timeshare resorts listed may be blocks from the beach rather than right on it. Crossing them off now will save you the time of filtering through them when you’re ready to do your timeshare exchange.

Below each RCI timeshare listing, there is a series of color coded, round symbols that will quickly give you important information. There are currently 48 of these symbols in the RCI timeshare exchange directory that will give you an insight as to what amenities are in the unit itself, on site at the resort and nearby the resort.

For instance, with a quick glance, you can tell whether your unit has a washer/dryer, dishwasher, and air conditioning. You can also tell whether the RCI timeshare resort is on a lake, beach or ski slope, whether it is an all inclusive and if the all inclusive is mandatory or optional.

For some people, the most important criteria in doing an RCI timeshare exchange may be whether there are on-site child care and organized children’s activities. For others, it may be whether there is a casino or bar on site. Because of how the RCI directory is formatted you can tell all of this and more with a quick glance.

Another nice touch is the phone numbers and websites to the RCI timeshare resorts are listed in the directory allowing you to get even more in-depth information. Questions like: does the resort provide free day care, are there organized activities for kids, are basic spices like salt, pepper and garlic powder provided, are there barbecues on site and what are some of the best activities they recommend nearby are just a few of the questions to ask that will better help you in determining your resort choice.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mark Up Your RCI Directory

The RCI directory is very nice so you may be hesitant to mark it up with pen and highlighter; but not only will this help you enormously in Getting a Great Exchange but you will get a new one next year.

So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and have some fun with it. With thousands of resorts in RCI timeshare exchange directory, this will help you to Plan Your Next Exchange Each year many new RCI resorts are added so keep your old directory for reference.

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