RCI Timeshare: How To Increase Your Timeshare Exchange Power

How to Increase Your RCI Timeshare Exchange Power

How To Get The RCI Timeshare You Want

Here’s a big secret to increasing your timeshare exchange power to get the RCI timeshare resort you want – Bank Early!!

I know, you’ve heard this before and you’re thinking, “Big deal! What kind of advice is this?” In two words, extremely important!

I’ve found, that even though this is common knowledge, and RCI timeshare owners are constantly reminded of this, few people understand or use this simple strategy that really increases your timeshare exchange power. Here’s why.

Why Banking Your RCI Timeshare Early Increases Your Timeshare Exchange Power

Many timeshare owners believe they have to know which RCI timeshare they want to exchange to before banking their week. This is a big mistake that can really harm your timeshare exchange power and make it much more difficult to get the RCI timeshare you want.

You do not need to know which RCI timeshare you’re going to want for your next vacation in order to bank it. You just need to know if you want to use it in your home resort or not. If you answer no to that question then bank it as early as possible to increase your timeshare exchange power. You can decide later where to use it.

The reason banking your RCI timeshare early is so important is because of the pecking order of RCI timeshare exchange system. Simply put, if I bank my RCI timeshare week today, and you bank yours tomorrow, and every thing else between us is equal, I have priority over you just because I banked my week one measly day before you.

Insider Secret to Help You Get the RCI Timeshare You Want

The first quarter of the year is when RCI receives the largest amount of people banking their RCI timeshare week. This is because January is the most common month that HOA fees are due and it serves to remind the RCI timeshare owner they need to do something with their week. So here’s the secret.

Always bank next year’s week and put in your request this year to get ahead of the crowd to increase your RCI timeshare exchange power and to tap into the greatest amount of available inventory.

Here’s another little known fact….

Just How Far In Advance Should You Bank Your RCI Timeshare Week?

For every month over 7 months in advance you bank your RCI timeshare week your exchange power increases. For every month under 7 months your timeshare exchange power decreases. For example, if you bank a July 2009 week in May of 2008 you will have significantly more timeshare exchange power than if you bank that same July 2009 week in January 2009.

In addition, you’ll have a bigger window of opportunity to use it. You’ll have between May of 2008 and July of 2011 to decide where to use that week! Not only do you now have more than 3 years to make up your mind but you will also increase your timeshare exchange power enormously.

Remember, the more in advance you do things in the timeshare world, the more choice and power you have. So don’t wait, bank your RCI timeshare week today.

While banking your RCI timeshare early will increase your exchange power, there are many more things you can do to supercharge your timeshare exchange power! To learn more about that, check out my guidebook..

“The RCI Timeshare Exchange Bible”

It’s the only guidebook of its kind in the timeshare industry and is loaded with tips and secrets I’ve learned in the 22 years I’ve been in the industry. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee that you will get a far better RCI timeshare exchange than you are now.

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