If You Don’t Know WHY You Must Request Your Exchange Early, You Lose!

If you don’t know why you must REQUEST your exchange early, you’ll never get great timeshare exchanges.

From tips one and two you know how important it is to pay your maintenance fees ahead of time so you can BANK your timeshare week as early as possible.

You also know that for greater exchange power you should deposit next year’s week this year. Preferably in the first quarter.  That’s because both RCI and Interval International get a bulk of deposits in the first quarter of each year giving you more choices.

That’s just one of the reasons you must request your exchange early.

The other reason is that if I request the same exchange as you, and with millions of exchanges requested every year that’s a given, but I do it even one minute before you, I have more exchange power.

Simply put, I will be confirmed before you. Everything else being equal, of course.

When I mean by “everything else being equal.” is not that I own the same timeshare as you. Many timeshares have similar trading power.

For example, all of the resorts on the beaches in Cabo San Lucas will have very similar trading power. Ski resorts in Vail, Colorado will also be similar.

The exception to this rule is that the Marriott in Vail will have more exchange power than the Vail Run Resort because of Marriott’s name recognition and it is a much nicer resort.

No matter what timeshare you own, there is sure to be many others with nearly identical trading power as yours. So, we need every advantage possible, and the way to do that is to bank early and request early as well.

By requesting next year’s vacation before the end of this year, you benefit in two ways. You have more exchange power and more inventory from which to choose.

Would you like to discover how to exchange into the finest resorts that RCI and Interval International have to offer without spending hours of your valuable time combing through the internet or years of your life doing one exchange at a time?

Would you like to be able to exchange into the highest demanded resorts in the world?

Then you need a blueprint. And that blueprint is the Timeshare Exchange Bibles for RCI and Interval International. How to exchange a timeshare Timeshare exchange bibles

If you want to become a master at exchanging with RCI and II, so you, your friends and family, can enjoy the best timeshare resorts like:

and more, then you need the Timeshare Exchange Bibles. If you still haven’t gotten your copy, do it now!

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