How to See the Total Solar Eclipse This Summer in the U.S

Total Solar Eclipse

While it’s too late to do a timeshare exchange for August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse, this article comprises everything you would need to see it. The Days Inn, in Bend, Oregon, was advertising rooms for $1,600 so timeshare members that are staying at the wonderful Eagle Crest Resort are getting an especially great value this year.

The best place to watch the next total solar eclipse. July 2, 2019, is central Argentina. You can put in your request now since it is less than 2 years from now and there is an assortment of timeshares in both RCI and Interval International.Iguazu Falls and solar eclipse

Watching it from Iguazu Falls would be most memorable. To increase your possibility of getting there, or any timeshare exchange, be sure to read my in-depth article “How to Exchange a Timeshare: The Definitive Guide.


The last coast-to-coast solar eclipse in North America was in 1918. August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse’s path of totality will be in a narrow band from the Oregon Coast to South Carolina.

You can find Nasa’s official list of viewing locations around the country here,  (

The longest duration of totality will be 2 minutes 41 seconds in the cities of Columbia, S.C.; Nashville; St. Joseph, Mo.; Casper, Wyo; and Carbondale, Ill.

The key to enjoying the eclipse to its fullest is weather, of course. The communities west of the Mississipi have the best odds according to Fred Espenak, a retired NASA astrophysicist known as Mr. Eclipse.

Travelers will need to plan ahead, have a backup plan and consult weather forecasts ahead of time and be prepared for congestion at the most popular sites. Roughly 100 million people live within a day’s drive of the path of totality.

Below is a list of eight places that have celebrations planned.

Clear Weather in Oregon?

I don’t normally think of clear skies and Oregon at the same time, but evidently Madras, Oregon is known for their predictably clear summers. Being in central Oregon east of the Cascade mountain range is the reason for this. Madras is near the charming town of Bend but rooms have been sold out for quite a while. The Days Inn in Bend advertised rooms for $1600/night recently.

There are several high-quality timeshare properties in or around Bend, Eagle Crest being one of my favorites, but they are sure to be fully occupied. There are still plenty of campsites, officials said, if you hurry.

E.T. Phone Home

On August 21, 1955, coincidently, a dozen little green men allegedly landed a spaceship in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and event that supposedly inspired the 1982 blockbuster “E.T. the Extraterrestrial.”

You can both enjoy the eclipse and the “Little Green Men Days Festival” held annually in remembrance of the landing. Other activities include listening to bluegrass and drinking some moonshine at the nearby distilleries.


Big Events

Along with the eclipse, you can expect circus-style performances, live music, beer and wine stands, children’s activities and more at Capital Eclipse Village in Jefferson City, Missouri. 

Lincoln, Nebraska will have sun-viewing telescopes set up by the University of Nebraska’s astronomy and physics department and one of the largest viewing sites. There are 125 smaller parks around Lincoln and a rib fest being held just prior to the event.

Contact Tracie Simpson of the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau office for help finding accommodations. Contact her at [email protected] or 402-434-5339.

Nashville, Tennesee will have a giant outdoor screen showing NASA’s broadcast of the eclipse from space along with food trucks, games and solar telescope viewing stations.

Expect to celebrate for 5 days if you’re going to Casper, Wyoming to see the eclipse. This is a big event and hotels have sold out. Your best bet may be Airbnb for accommodations.

You can expect 50 eclipse events from August 18 to 21 if you’re heading towards Columbia, South Carolina.

Of the more than 100 eclipse events listed for Charleston, South Carolina, the largest will undoubtedly be on the flight deck of the warship U.S.S. Yorktown. Dr. Christian Iliadis, chairman of the department of physics and astronomy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, will give a presentation on the eclipse and answer questions.


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