The Timeshare Exchange Remedy: What to Do if You Are Unhappy

Enjoy this short video about which timeshare exchange remedy you can apply if you are not happy with your timeshare exchange and is part of a series called “How Does Timeshare Work.” For the complete information on exchanging your timeshare, make sure to read my article “How to Exchange a Timeshare: The Definitive Guide.”

What to Do If You’re Unhappy With Your Timeshare Exchange

Author’s Note: In this bonus video, I’ll share what you should do make sure you get the best room available and the timeshare exchange remedy you should take if you’re unhappy with either your villa or the resort. Although some of my suggestions are just common sense, you’re likely to find some timeshare exchange remedies you wouldn’t have thought of left to your own devices.

As the timeshare industry matures, and with the entry of nearly every major brand name hotel chain in the US, we’re now seeing spectacular timeshare resorts being built in many great destination areas.

There are, unfortunately, still quite a few older, run down timeshare exchange properties listed in both the RCI Resort Directory and the Interval International Resort Directory. If you end up in one of them, and you’re legitimately unhappy, you need to know what to do about it.

Be Early to Check Into Your Timeshare Exchange Resort

For most timeshare resorts, check in time is 4:00 P.M. I explained the reason for this and gave some good tips in Video 10.

First, you should always be at the front desk 30 to 60 minutes before official check-in. Unlike staying in hotels, where people check in throughout the day, at timeshare resorts, the bulk of check-ins will be at the assigned time. You want to be one of the first to arrive in case you don’t like your room and want to be moved.  The longer you wait the harder this will get as the other rooms fill up.

Don’t make the mistake of sight seeing all day and eating dinner before checking in. Get checked in first and then go out exploring.

What to Do If Your Room is Really Bad

If your room is next to a noisy generator and the screen doors are falling off the tracks you have a legitimate complaint.  Obviously, your first action is to immediately go back to the front desk to see about being moved.

Don’t phone from the room, face-to-face contact is better.  Ask to speak to the manager about your concerns.  He’ll most likely move you if he can, but the longer you wait, the less chance you have.  If he can’t, or won’t move you, then you should IMMEDIATELY get on the phone with your RCI or Interval International to see if you can be moved to another timeshare resort nearby.

If he can’t, or won’t move you, then you should IMMEDIATELY get on the phone with your RCI or Interval International to see if you can be moved to another timeshare resort nearby.

This might not be possible during peak season. If so, you’re stuck. But there is one more remedy you can take to prevent your vacation from being a total loss.

If RCI or Interval International can’t move you, ask to have your week credited back.

Whether this will be granted will depend on if you were warned that the resort you requested wasn’t equal to what you were giving up. Many timeshare owners, frustrated with the exchange process, end up accepting an alternative to the resort they originally requested when offered by RCI or Interval International.

The reason this happens is ultimately the timeshare exchangers fault and not that of RCI or II. Very few timeshare owners know how to put in an effective exchange request. This results in no matches being found. After a period of time with no matches, the exchange companies call with alternatives to their request. They are actually trying to help get you on vacation. If the resort they have availability in is not the same quality as what you gave up, they will tell you. It is then up to you whether or not to accept it.

If you were warned but accepted it anyway, you’re not likely to get your week credited back. That’s why it’s so important to really understand how to go about getting the best exchange possible.

There are 2 ways to become an EXPERT at exchanging timeshares; experiment on your own, which will take YOU years to figure out when only doing 1 exchange a year, or the quick way. The smart way.

The Timeshare Exchange Bibles for RCI and Interval International are guaranteed and proven to help you master the science of exchanging. And it really is a science. There are so many things you can either do wrong, and destroy your exchange power, or do right and supercharge it. And the only way to exchange into the best RCI resorts and best Interval International resorts is to discover the secrets the pros use.

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