How to Exchange a Timeshare to the Super Bowl Location

Have you ever dreamed of attending the Super Bowl?  If you have, here’s how to exchange a timeshare to the Super Bowl location, or any major event.

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Start Early

I know, I’m stating the obvious but how early is the secret. You can search up to 2 years in advance with both RCI and Interval Interval International so the strategy is to start two simultaneous searches.

If your event is in February of 2019 then you will want to search for both the 2019 and 2020 event off of your 2017 deposit.  Many people don’t think, or even know, you can have a simultaneous search spanning 2 years from only one deposited/banked week.

For an event like the Super Bowl, you would have to change the location from one year to the other, but most timeshare exchangers don’t realize they can have two simultaneous searches for different locations going on at the same time.

Take What You Can Get

Don’t get too picky when giving your resort choices to the exchange companies. You will want to expand your search to include as many locations at or near the event to increase your odds of getting confirmed.

If your event is in Tampa, Florida, you will increase your chances exponentially by including Orlando in your search.

Be Patient

The event week has to be deposited into the RCI or Interval International exchange pool from those resorts before any of us can have a chance of getting them on exchange.

Not many timeshare owners are depositing weeks a year in advance and even less are doing it two years in advance. But the earlier you get your request in, the better your chances.

So, start early, widen out your search be patient and you may be exchanging your timeshare to the next Super Bowl.

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