Timeshare Week Calculator: Timeshare Planning Made Easy

Timeshare Week Calculator

A free timeshare week calculator app for Android and iPhone devices is now available and it’s pretty handy.  Timeshare Escrow & Title, LLC, thinking outside of the box, had it created. I did a quick search for other similar apps in the Google Play store and didn’t find any. Go directly to your app store to download it.

According to the press release,

“The timeshare app solves any confusion surrounding timeshare week dates to make vacation planning simple for owners and resort sales associates.

“…Timeshare Week Calculator is an easy-to-use mobile application that allows timeshare owners to efficiently find and calculate their check-in dates by week number, month, year or specific date. Anyone looking to understand what week to reserve can use the app’s formula to find and calculate timeshare weeks based on a specific range.

Users can navigate the app to get full listings of week numbers by year, find a check-in date by week numbers 1 – 52, find check-in date by month and year, or find the check-in week by a specific date. The results are then displayed to give users the date of check-in.

Predicting timeshare weeks can be difficult, even for owners with fixed weeks. Since planning vacations in advance increases the value of the timeshare weeks and therefore maximizes the exchange value, it is important to deposit weeks early to receive the best of the transaction. Being able to predict the exchange value of timeshare aids in making long-range vacation plans and the Timeshare Week Calculator app helps make planning in advance a breeze.

Timeshare Week Calculator is entirely free, with the option of an ad-free PRO version available for .99 cents. The innovative app is ready to download on iPhone and Android devices through the app stores.”

This is a great app for timeshare owners whether you have fixed weeks, floating weeks or points. It makes planning much easier.

timeshare weeks calculatorFor instance, sometimes the 4th of July week falls on week 26 and other times week 27. By using the calculator I quickly found that if I wanted to exchange my timeshare for the 4th with RCI or Interval International (II), I’d request week 26 for a Friday or Saturday check-in and week 27 for a Sunday check-in.

This might be something the average timeshare owner doesn’t know. And it’s details like these that keep owners from using RCI and II effectively.

Get the app and play around with it. It’s very simple and intuitive so you don’t have to be a computer nerd to use it.

If you are struggling with RCI or II, or even if you’re doing fine and just want to do better, you should take advantage of the resources I’ve put together for you.

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  1. This is so helpful to all timeshare owners! It helps to use all the tools you can, to get your dream vacation, when you want it!

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